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A warm welcome at FlyCraft,  here I will showcase flies developed by myself, improving on existing fly patterns and also other world class, proven fly patterns.

Confidence in your flies goes a long way, I have done the legwork in developing, tweaking and catching fish on some of these fly patterns, feel assured, you can have confidence fishing them.

Since I specialize in custom tied flies to the highest standard, the flies are not all in stock at all times. Some orders might have a lead time of 4 weeks,  I will give you a more accurate estimate once you have placed an order.

Why FlyCraft flies?

  • For each custom fly pattern I use the best hook and materials available. The flies are proportionally correct and maintain excellent hook gape width.
  • I use glues and resins at different stages of the tying process, ensuring the flies are durable.
  • I use tail guards in fly patterns with soft flowing tails, preventing the tail from fouling when casting the fly.

I often get requests for specific flies not commercially available. By supplying me with a sample or picture of the fly, I can match it, depending if the tying materials are readily available. Please note minimum order quantities apply and there might be slight variations in colour when you receive your flies.

Best Regards,

Philip Meyer


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  1. Hi All,

    Just to let know I that any order placed after tomorrow the 30th of November will only be completed in the new year – 2019.

    Thank You All for the tremendous support and I hope to be of service in the new year.

    Best Regards,


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